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Suzuki Slingshot Plus

Suzuki Slingshot

Suzuki Slingshot is the partial reproduction of Zeus 125. But it is upgraded with good graphics and performance abilities. Suzuki slingshot had fetched 127% increase in bike sales for suzuki. It has better design and safety features. Bike is launched in five different variants. The one that difference between slingshot and slingshot plus is  slingshot plus features a new front visor which looks much better than in comparison to the regular slingshot variants. Bike prices around 55k INR. 

Suzuki Slingshot Top View
Design: Bike has good and attractive design. It has instrument ctuch and high power engine. Has ground clearance of 160mm which is ideal for comfort city riding. 'S' Sticker over the fuel tank is attracitve. Shock absorber is positioned near the centre of the bike and thus reduces the strain while riding. Has stylish multi-spoke alloy wheels, long and wide tyres, LED tail lamp and sharp head side. Has BS Carburetor with Throttle Position Switch (TPS) and DC-CDI along with secondary Pulsed Air Rejection(PAIR). Overall bike has better design.


Suzuki Slingshot Multi-Spoke WheelDesign Keys:
  •   Multi Spoke Alloy Wheels
  •   BS Carburetor 
  •   Throttle Position Switch (TPS)
  •   Pulsed Air Rejection(PAIR)

  Design Drawbacks: 

  • Tank design similar to Suzuki GS 150 
  • Almost same Zeus 125 design
Design: 7/10

Suzuki Slingshot EngineEngine: Slingshot is powered with 125cc, four stroke, single cyclinder, air cooled engine. Bike gives maximum power of 8.5Bhp at 7,500 rpm and maximum torque of 10Nm at 3,500 rpm. It has 5 speed advanced gearbox for smooth transmission of gear. SOHC configuration reduces friction and clear emission.  Has superior mileage and hence one of the best mileage efficient bikes in the market. Engine runs smooth and vibration less.

  Engine Keys: 

  •   SOHC Engine
  •   Fuel Efficient
  •   Higher Power
  •   Five Speed Trnasmission

  Engine Drawbacks:

  •   Air Cooled
  •   Relatively lesser torque
Engine: 8.5/10

Variants: Slingshot comes in following five different variants,

  • Suzuki Slingshot Drum Self
  • Suzuki Slingshot Disc Self
  • Suzuki Slingshot Plus Drum Kick
  • Suzuki Slingshot Plus Drum Self
  • Suzuki Slingshot Plus Disc Self
Suzuki Slingshot Suspension
Performance: Slingshot is definitely a better performing bike. Top speed of the bike is 120Kmph and gives a mileage of about 62-65Kmpl. Thus it is a mileage efficient bike. Has very good acceleration systems but bike takes some time to respond to increase in speed after 80Kmph. Bike doesnot give any vibrations because of good suspension and damping systems.


Performance Keys:

  •   Better Mileage
  •   Good Suspension and Damping
  •   Better Braking system
  •   Better Accelaration

  Performance Drawbacks:

  •   Slowly increasing speed after 80Kmph
  •   Lack of Disc Brake in the variants
Performance: 7/10  

Comfort: Bike has quiet better comfortness. Long and wider seating arrangement gives better comfortness and more stability.  Gear position indicator helps in comfortable shifting of gears. Self ignition system provides quicker start and further acceleration. Advanced Suspension with oil damping and swing arm system gives strain free riding for both rider and passenger during long journey.

  Comfort Keys: 

Suzuki Slingshot Tail Lamp
  •   Advanced Suspension
  •   Better Seating System
  •   Gear Position Indicator
  •   Suitable for long journey

  Comfort Drawbacks:

  •   No Engine Block Material
  •   No Battery Indicator
  •   No Oil Indicator
  •   No Chocked Air Filter indicator
Comfort: 7/10

Pricing: Bike has competitive pricing while compared to other bike in the similar range.

(On-Road Price;INR)  

  • Suzuki Slingshot Drum Self - Rs. 53000.00
  • Suzuki Slingshot Disc Self - Rs. 54600.00
  • Suzuki Slingshot Plus Drum Kick - Rs. 52000.00
  • Suzuki Slingshot Plus Drum Self - Rs. 54000.00
  • Suzuki Slingshot Plus Disc Self - Rs. 55800.00
Pricing: 8.5/10

Verdict: Overall Slingshot Plus is a better performing bike. Moderate cost and high performance makes it a better bike to buy.

Suzuki Slingshot Plus: 80/100

Technical Specifications: 

TypeSingle-cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooled, SOHC engine
Max. Power8.5Bhp @ 7500 rpm
Max. Torque10Nm @ 3500 rpm
Front SuspensionTelescopic,Coil Spring
Rear SuspensionSwing Arm, Coil Spring
FrontDisc brake
RearDrum brake
Front Tyre2.75-18 42P
Rear Tyre3.00-18 52P
Kerb Weight129 kg
Wheelbase1265 mm
Battery12V D.C., 5 AH
Head Lamp12V-35/35W
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Capacity12 ltrs (2.1 ltrs in Reserve)


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It has wider surface for superb carrying capacity and long seat for minimum knee bending and easy ground access. The extra weights at handle bar leaves less scope for vibrations.

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